Four photos: Revelations

1. Hemlock grove. Sun filtering through the towering trees. Danae, child of the earth, stands there alone, arms raised in adoration, welcoming this unearthly shower of gold.

2. It is still dark as he makes his way to the top of a mountain, with the sea down below. The air is cold as he waits for the dawn. Then suddenly light floods the world as the sun rises up over the horizon, tingeing the clouds with gold. Overcome, he falls to his knees in awe.

3. The moon, perhaps a full moon, appears from behind the clouds. As they continue along the road, suddenly the dark silhouettes of columns, reflected in yesterday’s rain, rise before them, barring their way. Intimations, for the Greeks, of the divine. Great shadows reaching to the sky, to the stars and moon, captured here in a pool of water.

4. They are not alone as they move across the upland ridge.  The wind blows strong as they approach the brink. Down below the waves crash endlessly on the rocks. And there before them, sideswept and clinging to the verge – the trees – the manifestation of the spirit of the wind.

3 thoughts on “Revelations

  1. First I read then listen to your reading, enjoyed both, now tumbling the words and the photos in my mind waiting for the “revelations” to coalesce. I seek your help. I will call you tomorrow.


  2. Erika Another lovely prose poem. I really like the way you begin in the middle of an action—concrete vivid scenes. The reading was lovely – what program are you using to record these poems?

    Life whirls in the calm of the pandemic making everything out of focus and dizzy as it gobbles up the days!


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