Chairs Poem

A chair is made to be sat in.

A chair

presupposes a sitter.

Straight-backed, enveloping,

soft or hard,

a chair

has a personality

all its own.

That may or may not

be that of its sitter.

Chairs also sit and wait

lined up against the wall

or grouped around a table,

anticipating a sitter.

Scattered helter-skelter

they converse


of the signs

of yesterday they bear,

of the vicissitudes

they have been through,

and wondering about


And I,

I wonder too,

for if a body is the seat of the soul

might I not be the soul

of the chair I sit in?

4 thoughts on “Chairs Poem

  1. Ha, ha…. Love that.

    Been so work busy, big board meeting yesterday big grant was due Thursday, tough week. Went to Arezzo today, a day off to pick up a new pick up a new painting. 4:17 train was 2 hours late! Spent an hour in the cold waiting for it to arrive finally an intercity one came and we got on! Freezing!!!!!

    Will be glad to be home : > )

    L, B Xxoo

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  2. This poem made me think of the other day when I sat on our couch (not a chair but it’s the seat that Frank occupies a good part of the day in) in the place where Frank has his daily coffees (usually 2) and reads or is on his laptop. He has made that side of the 2-seater couch his, and I found myself sinking into the mold that he has made for himself, a space that seemed to anticipate his form. And so I moved.


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