A Small Town: Part I On Being Seen

My town is definitely a small town. Which means I’m not invisible. I don’t have to be eccentric, or construct a specific persona for myself. Sometimes ,I wonder though if it’s my dog rather than me who is being noted. Once, in Florence, I was walking down a street near the cathedral and I feltContinue reading “A Small Town: Part I On Being Seen”

Aftermath of the Holidays Part II

There are other futures involved in my Christmas presents. A pair of sheepskin boots that I cannot yet pull on by myself. There is a very warm vest with, thank heaven, capacious pockets for my phone, house keys, doggie bag, hankies, eye glasses, bus tickets. The backpack makes it possible for me to do myContinue reading “Aftermath of the Holidays Part II”

The Consequences of Falling

A nano second. That’s all it is. And one finds oneself face down, trying to recover an awareness of oneself. That’s what happens when one falls – the fall itself – that moment when the body moves from upright to horizontal, that moment perhaps before one’s head hits the ground, somehow no longer exists. ThenContinue reading “The Consequences of Falling”