Orvieto As It Was…And Is: The Grand Tour

Click Here to purchase Orvieto As It Was…And Is So many things happen by chance, coincidence. Little did I think that when a friend insisted that I accompany him to meet a former school teacher in a village about 15 minutes from Orvieto that I would end up marrying him and moving there. But alsoContinue reading “Orvieto As It Was…And Is: The Grand Tour”

Forthcoming: Orvieto As It Was…And Is

Years ago, when I was living in a village 15 minutes from Orvieto, that inimitable city on a cliff in Umbria, some friends of mine said: “Why don’t you write about Orvieto? You’ve been here so long and could do a sort of Grand Tour, a guide to the city, and how it has changedContinue reading “Forthcoming: Orvieto As It Was…And Is”