Biographies and Autobiographies

Other people’s lives. It’s not that we are peeping Toms or voyeurs. It’s just that if we know something about that “other person”, we can understand them better. Biographies and autobiographies. I could tell you about my life too for each of us has a story to tell, and writing things down helps us understandContinue reading “Biographies and Autobiographies”

Golden Legend, Holy Bible, Vasari and Others

On the top shelf of what is more or less a guest room, overlooking the valley below, The Golden Legend and the Holy Bible sit side by side. Not far away is Vasari’s Lives of the Artists and a dictionary of art terms. You might think this black-bound bible – now why is it alwaysContinue reading “Golden Legend, Holy Bible, Vasari and Others”


Books my mother had. Books when I was a child. Books my childrenlistened to. Books for my granddaughter. Somewhere I have Aesop’s fables in French where the crow loses hischeese to the fox and vanity. Of course there’s also the grasshopperand the ant, although I have always wanted to ask the ant if shedidn’t enjoyContinue reading “CHILDREN’S BOOKS – FAIRY TALES”


Ferragosto. Vacation time in Italy. I wonder was it any hotter along the Nile with Flalubert or Florence Nightengale in 1849? When I traveled through Italy in 1956 I was 27, and you, Florence, were 29 at the time of your travels. Should I have gone on to Egypt? Perhaps. But would I have feltContinue reading “FERRAGOSTO – FLAUBERT – FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE – JUDT”


Another day. Another hot hot day. Shall I seek refuge with my friends? Shall I invite them to a tea party? And who is to be invited? Perhaps nothing that requires mental strain – it’s just too hot. There’s The Little Prince with its many hidden meanings. Did you, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry., mean this storyContinue reading “ANOTHER DAY – SOLITUDE – WINNIE THE POOH – TRANSLATION”