Peace and War


Fireworks last night

star bursts

flashes in the dark


echoing reports

that leave no room for silence.

Sarajevo –

a shudder – there new year

is firing to kill

a thing we know

but cannot know.


At midnight, 2001 began its course.

Short-lived bursts of sparks

vied with the stars.


Inside was warm,

(with friends and a burning hearth),

closed windows dampened out the sounds

but still I know, and do not know,

that out there across the sea

there are no celebratory shots.

And that peace for mankind

is an illusion.

And then there is 2022 

and humanity hopes still.

5 thoughts on “Peace and War

  1. What a powerful poem Erika, and you read it beautifully. How to make sense of this senseless killing and destruction, when there is no sense to be made?



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