Little Time Machines

(Thanks to James Lalonde)

Whirlwinds of memory.

A box of photographs.

I thumb through them,

paralyzed by the present, haunted by the past, fearful of the future.

The world around me gyrates,

Spins out of control.


Wild fires.

Winds of winter.

Heading into chaos.

But here, in this box,

there is a past

no one can take from me.

My past

shared with those

caught with me

in those moments

when the camera clicked,

now relived in a present

before the unknown future

eliminates it all.

3 thoughts on “Little Time Machines

  1. Somehow I missed this post of yours, Erika; I don’t know why. ‘Little Time Machines’ seems such a clever description as well as an appropriate title: you put things so well. At the same time of course, as well as looking back, you are reflecting on the whirlwind of events going on now and are intimating a measure of fearfulness for the future. I think we all feel that these days; I don’t know whether you are speaking rather personally on this or speaking for all of us – I sense that my grandchildren are more fearful of the future than I was at their age, even though for me the backdrop was the Cold War. We are living through some very uncertain times but I guess we have to stick to our principles and hold on to hope. And of course keep taking photos. Best wishes as ever. J


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