Taking a Break

Dear friends

After almost three years and almost a thousand posts, I need a break. So until inspiration again graces me, you won’t find me online. Hopefully I’ll be back soon, with new thoughts that occur to me when I’m trying to sleep, switch on the light and jot them down before they vanish into the night.

One last thought:

In the evening

I sometimes

walk the streets


Others cross my path

but no one smiles at me.

No one stops to ask me where I’m from.

No one stops to ask me

what my name is.

No one stops to ask me

how old I am.

No one stops to pat me on the head.

But then

I am not my dog.

5 thoughts on “Taking a Break

  1. Thanks erika. Good grief, i had no idea you had written so many posts— no wonder you need some time to relax. You have always been awe-inspiring but this is a whole other league. Anyway, i am most looking forward to our future conversations. I will test myself again tomorrow….and will report. Much love, margaret


  2. carissima Erika,
    Grazie per sempre! Thank you for your writings; wisdom, wit, history, deep view, and mystery.
    Thank you for working so diligently to share your gifts and enjoy your respite until you return to your post.
    Much love,


  3. It’s been a joy reading your posts and getting to know you Erika. And it will be a lovely surprise to read any new post that pops up in future. Meanwhile, give that dog a pat for me and enquire solicitously after its health!


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