Wordless Communication

How does one share a feeling? I suppose you could ask your dog.  When she (or he) gets all excited and joyous about seeing you, knowing you will take her (or him) for a walk, isn’t that a way of telling you what they feel?

Might also be familiarity. As the days and years pass, we somehow know what the other person is feeling.  Most mornings I used to cross paths with a couple walking their aged black dog and we exchanged smiles, a wordless awareness of what we were thinking. I knew them since his father had been my landlord when I had the shop – a true gentleman of the old school who apologized when he had to raise my rent. Several weeks, or a month or more, passed and I realized I hadn’t seen them recently. Suddenly, there was a death notice on the bulletin boards that serve as local newspapers. It simply gave a name and said “a good man who has returned home”. No indication of age or where or when the final obsequies were to be held.

I had thought of writing her but never did, although I saw her occasionally from a distance. Then one day on my walk there she was, sitting with a friend outside a wine bar along the street.  I stopped – Can I give you a hug? I asked. She smiled, got up, came over to me and we hugged at length.  Words weren’t required, it was all in that incredible hug that has left me with a warm feeling every time I think of it. She knew what I wanted to tell her.

5 thoughts on “Wordless Communication

  1. Another winning piece that means even more because it comes from a wordsmith! As much as we love words, fortunately they are not the only way to communicate.


  2. I love this Erika. Your kindness and grace are so much a part of who you are. So much a part what people love and admire about you. I respect your tough, incredibly independent side, your strength – the painful honesty that has gotten you through life’s sadness and loss – but your beautiful smile always shines for me, your generosity, your warmth, your humor, your care for others. These are the gifts that don’t require words.

    Those unique Erika moments, the silences between words and actions, reflect how you love and are loved.


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