Claudio and The Little Owl

Ten o’clock and all is dark. Returning from a festa at Lugnano in Teverina where there has been a skype connection with Arizona concerning the dig of a Roman villa. The people in the square are still busy eating, perhaps have begun dancing. The medieval church with its portico that once sheltered pilgrims now resounds with a different kind of music. Claudio and I have left and are driving through dark countryside. In the middle of the road, a small greyish something. Claudio drives on, says, “what was that?” “Looked like an owl to me.” I answer. But don’t worry, you didn’t hit it. It was in the middle. Claudio drives on a couple hundred meters, turns the car around. “You going to check?” I ask. Yes. We drive slowly back. Now just where was it? There it is! Still there, right in the middle of the road. And it is a small owl. Claudio stops the car, turns on the blinkers, gets out his flashlight. Walks out into the road, I’m too far over to see much. Two cars come up from behind and Claudio waves them on. Then he’s back – “what an idiot owl!” He says. It just sat there looking at me. Then I shooed it away and it disappeared. Silently, as owls do. We turn around again and head back towards Orvieto. The little owl is now somewhere in the woods, hopefully will keep out of the road. I’m touched and I’m proud of my son.

2 thoughts on “Claudio and The Little Owl

  1. Dear Erika,
    I am touched too! Congratulations for having such a caring son….what he did shows his caring and sensitive soul. That little owl had a guardian angel….let’s hope he/she well and not so stupid again…….thank you🌻


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