Reflections on Water or a Window

Reflections can be dangerous

whether in the mind,

a shiny surface,

a pool of water,

or on a pane of glass.

Take the cardinal or the swallow

deceived into thinking

the reflection in a window

was a rival

leading to an untimely death.

A reflection on a shiny surface

can blind us to tangible reality.

A mirage can lead us astray.

Narcissus was deceived

and fell in love with his reflected other

in a pool of water

losing touch with reality.


the reflection reveals what it is not.

It shivers into

countless fragments,

traumatized and momentarily

beyond recall,

till time permits its reconstitution.

A reflection on today

or yesterday, or on tomorrow

is gone before it can be caught,

is momentarily beyond recall.

But when it returns,

even then,

yes, even then,

will it be the same?

Yet touched, the reflection in a pool of water,

shivers into

countless fragments.

unequivocally traumatized and

momentarily beyond recall.

Not even touch can

restore reality.

Reflections play havoc with our senses.

5 thoughts on “Reflections on Water or a Window

  1. My problem is to understand reality, a really complex problem in itself. How to know what is reality by studying its zillion reflections!


  2. This is masterly Erika, or mistressy maybe. It’s a quietly flickering mental reflection upon physical reflections and by extension every kind of reflection. It’s really nice. I enjoyed the way the there are ripples within the poem as later lines reflect (but reshape) earlier ones. Clever photo too.


    1. John
      As usual I love your comments. As usual they highlight the difference between a conscious “poet” and someone, like me, who acts (or writes) intuitively. I like your images too. I always look forward to hearing from you, for often your remarks set off new ideas.
      Thank you.

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