Reflections in a Pool of Water

Reflections in a pool of water

bring heaven down to earth,

Fragments of blue sky

hover over cobblestones.

Dark walls of a building

sink down upside down,

annihilating tangible reality.

A patchwork quilt of paving stones

reflects the luminescent light of day,

frames that topsy turvy world

 where what is real

merges with illusion.

3 thoughts on “Reflections in a Pool of Water

  1. Lovely poem, great foto, and a sobering insight— reality, illusion, the distinction ultimately indiscernible, unknowable? Is that truth what the liars rely on to peddle their lies? Signorelli saw it all… Sending love and hugs, margaret


  2. Erika Your reading is as lovely as the poem! What a voice you have!

    All my love James

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. Erika, beautiful, your poems and stories always bring me joy. A friend of ours David Zarko gave me a link to your stories and i read them almost every day. Thank you. You are a gift.


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