Why Are We Here?

Why are we here? What are we here for?

This was the question asked by his grandson of a grandfather who had recently lost his wife of 60 years.  How can one answer a question like that? All he could say was that we are here to help one another. Which, on further thought, led him to believe that this was the only answer. And that the question ultimately was “how can we get more people to believe this?”

What would you tell your grandchild in answer to that question?

One friend thought it both true and beautiful. And wise, and worth remembering and repeating.

Yes, another friend responded. “We are here to help one another – that pretty much captures the essence of all true religion and philosophy”.

Still another friend quoted  the answer of a father to his son, who was lamenting his fate as a tiny speck in the universe. His advice was that he should just try to be the best speck he could possibly be.

What would your answer to that question be?

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