Marino Moretti

An internationally recognized potter, a ceramic artist, whose background is Orvieto and its tradition of medieval pottery and whose family roots are in this town, where he has a workshop in a castle outside the city, lovingly restored by his father and by himself. A family friend, for me and for my sons.

He has worked with clay ever since he was a child.

He refers to his latest group of creations as “a study of fragments of humankind” (or the human race), inspired by  the pottery fragments found everywhere in the soil, and which bear witness to the past, to the fragmentation of modern life.

In synthesis fragments are the hallmarks of my life. Fragmentation of the family. Of the entire human race needing to be glued back together!

Fragments, painted, animated. Upright slabs of clay in silhouetted cut-out profiles, expressionless, asexual, cold and bleak outside but alive inside with color.

Not all therefore is lost.

4 thoughts on “Marino Moretti

  1. Thanks for this. Give my best regards to Marino and Marilyn. We have one of his wonderful tiles hanging in our kitchen, beckoning me back to the town on the tufa!


  2. Thank you for this brilliant appreciation of work by this most unique and ever-evolving artist and friend. I especially like the optimism of the last line.


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