John Looker

Herald of Spring 

No, not the cuckoo although, yes,

we fancied we heard one just now, over the field.

Snowdrops maybe? Plucky little plants, they unfold

their immaculate gowns with a “hey look at us!”

Everywhere we see the colours of winter:

flint church, moss on the gravestones, the yews,

and the drift of spent leaves – all so subdued

until these starbursts make us stop in wonder.

And look at you, little lass,

as you go skipping among the white petals

in your blue coat with the pink buttons,

now turning to beam at us

with your big dazzling smile – you, at the portals

of spring, all birdsong and blossom.


It’s early for the cuckoo but the air is full of birdsong

Notes, invisible, caught in the bare branches of a tree,

singing spring spring spring

You lie there, little dog,

thankful for the sun,

your white-booted paws,

elegantly folded one on the other.

All around winter gives way

to purple crocus

boldly nuzzling up

through yesterday’s woebegone remains.

You lift your muzzle, turning white,

to greet the lady with her cane,

she too in her autumn years,

as she bends down to pluck a flower.

Your gaze is hopeful

as you and she, saying adieu to winter,

welcome one more spring.

5 thoughts on “Spring

  1. What a meeting of minds! Such complementarity! At first, while only listening, I could not tell which poet’s words I was hearing. I was thrown off by the “blue coat with the pink buttons”— details that had an Erika-esque feel about them. But when Teah’s “Here I am!” emerged, all became clear. Her photo and the words of you two poets are perfect for those of us in the still-chilly Northeast, as we impatiently await “spring spring spring.”


  2. Erika Your relationship with Looker is wonderfully captured in these poems—I wonder if there is a word for the literary device of “conversation of poems?”

    ❤️ J Sent from my iPhone



  3. Thanks so much Erika for posting our ‘conversation’ – seeing and hearing our two poems together brings extra life to each of them. And best wishes to you on a bright Spring morning! I’m about to repost on my own blog for others to enjoy.


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