On the Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Sister

Sept. 19, 1944

I have a sister. She, in my opinion, is usually a spoiled brat. But that is only my opinion. Being the youngest of the family, she is naturally rather spoiled. How I wish that she were an angelic, helpful sister! But she isn’t so I’ll just see whether I can find as many good qualities as bad.

One of the greatest advantages of having a sister is that she can do work that would otherwise fall upon me. Usually this would be something for the better, but when she forgets that she is supposed to be working and I stop my work to help her so that she will not become subject to the disapproval of an irate father, it begins to become a disadvantage. Which only shows that I am spoiling her too. And when I am sick, it is nice to have someone to talk to although she is rather trying at times. She teaches me self control and patience, too. There are, I suppose, many more advantages, but I’ll go to the disadvantages now.

When I am trying to do my homework, a bothersome sister is terrible. And when I try hard to keep our room clean, she is also a nuisance, scattering her clothes on my chair. And when she gets “mad,” then woe to me if she comes up behind me unexpectedly and pushes me on my face. Woe to her as well for she is a humble little girl before the one who rules, my father.

With all these disadvantages and several advantages, the best part is still that she is there, my sister whom I love in spite of her shortcomings and whom I would not, for the whole world, want changed —- much.

2 thoughts on “Sisters

  1. I love hearing your youthful voice here. The stunning photographs are a favorite element of this piece in which you capture perfectly ambivalence of a relationship with a younger sibling. Complimenti!


  2. Erika, A wonderful portrait of sister dynamics. My sisters are different from this. We moved a great deal in childhood and it made us playmates. We were / are each other’s “friends.”
    Your blogs are so marvelously rich! Thank you!


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