My eyes were riveted

On the refulgent screen

With letters morphing into words

As fingers tapped the keys.


Out of the corner of my eye

An emerald gleam

Distracted me.

A creature of some kind

Was perched

On the dark oak desk,

Abdomen and thorax

Glowing brilliant green.

Behind two jointed stick-like legs 

Bent sharply at right angles

In front two delicate antennas 

Sweeping left and right.

An eye partly hidden

By a sort of carapace

Undoubtedly a long-horned cricket.

It sat stock-still

As silently

I framed my questions.

Where did you come from?

What are you doing here?

How did you get here?

And why?

Every so slowly

It clambered up

To the cover of my superannuated Webster’s

Perhaps also wondering why.

Before I had a chance to ask

It jumped

And disappeared.

3 thoughts on “Distraction

  1. I have always loved this watercolor—petite but so full of spirit and just the right amount of detail.

    I really like the changes you made from the written version. Three cheers for the shift to the present tense!

    You and this creature shared a privileged moment. And now your reader gets to participate, as well. So, in fatti, your emerald guest has not disappeared at all!

    Envoyé de mon Di-Phone

    Liked by 1 person

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