Sounds March 8, 2021

Sounds that were and no longer are

Sounds that are and then were not


The click of the camera shutter

The third avenue El.

Memories of the past.

But then there  is also

The wail of a baby crying

A sound now lost in yesteryear

As the baby becomes a man.

Other sounds refuse to go away –

That of a voice once dear

Will always echo in my mind.

The wind restlessly

Slaps shutters to and fro.

A jet swoops through a clear blue sky

Leaving in its wake a trail of light and sound.

Leaves rustle in the nighttime

As the hedgehog

Searches for a grub.

Sounds pile up

One on the other,


Garbage truck

Crash of glass.

Roar of cars

Becomes a purr

As they brake at the curve.

High heels click on cobbles.

Shrill cries of children playing ball

Echo under the arch.

Inside the radiator hums.

The soft whine of the dog

Alerts me she wants  out

Or that it’s time for food.

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