Winter is a time of skies

Winter is a time of skies   Jan. 15, 1994 

Winter is a time of skies

of winds that blow through empty trees

and pipe their plaintive solo melodies

with crevices of house and door as reed.

All foliage, excess verbiage,

has fallen by the way.

The unencumbered beauty

of what lies beneath

is now revealed.

Deceiving vegetation no longer hides

hard stone or rugged branch.

That basic truth may not be quite eternal

but will outlast more fleeting seasons

than we shall live to see.

We too are shown for what we are inside.

We too have shed our leaves and bloom.

And must be loved

therefore not for what we were,


but for what we were and are,


3 thoughts on “Winter is a time of skies

  1. Hi. I was able to access both the new blog post and the audio reading. No problem. I think it’s wonderful to hear your voice there. We are always glad for a chance to visit. I hope Arancia doesn’t make it too difficult to see you again soon.


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    1. After admiring your artistry in so many different media—drawing, watercolor, photography, words, collage, and a form of assemblage of objects that belong together that combines all of the preceding—I should have known there might be another ready to emerge. Despite our many conversations, I had only heard you once at a public reading, but it was not of one of your own poems. This was worth the wait! Although I know I will continue always to hear your voice, to have a recording like this is a special gift. More, please.

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