Christmas Aftermath 2016

 Ribbons, yarn, cord

Tied in a bow, knotted, looped

Narrow, wide, twisted, flat

Purple twine

Scarlet satin

Glittering gold

Leftovers from Christmases past

The twine my son, practical

The scarlet satin, older friends

Each ribbon matches the person who chose it,

wrapped the package,

thought of you

and  thought of me.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Aftermath 2016

  1. Thank you. this is lovely.
    I hope you had a good day yesterday.
    We did—a quiet one, I cooked, we read and watched a good movie (a new version of David Copperfield).
    Today I made more bagels and I’m working on the next chapter, on the movie Taxi Driver….

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  2. I love this one. Since you know me as a hoarder, I’m sure you can imagine the collection I have of the fasteners you mention here (as well as the wrapping paper, itself). In my next life, I hope not to be this way. But as you have just demonstrated in a lovely act of recycling, it’s possible to tie together these varied materials and transform them into something wonderful. Brava!


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