What’s in a Name

Give me a name

and let me tell you what it stands for.

A chair is simply a chair. A daffodil just that.

But say Wordsworth

and it’s daffodils and lake and wind.

Say Shakespeare and it’s

to be or not to be

and the shoemaker’s sole.

Robert Burns is

a wee timorous mouse

Robert Frost

snow and mending walls.

Calvino invisible cities,

Caspar Friedrich and Cosmos.

Rembrandt and hands,

Bach and St. Matthew.

Only vicariously known,

but then there are those

whose names conjure up themselves.

Mario and Adamo,

Remo, Leo, Jean

Richard, Thomas,

Cecilia and San Carlo Borromeo,

Nennella, Annie.

A summing of a past

without which I would not be me.

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