Eels, Garlic, Wine, & Truffles                

She opened the icebox door and jumped back as a two-foot long snake-like creature slithered out and onto the kitchen floor. No one had warned her that a fisherman from the lake of Bolsena had passed by to leave the usual Christmas homage to the architect, the head of the house.  After the initial shock,Continue reading “Eels, Garlic, Wine, & Truffles                “

Moving Sidewalk / Conveyor Belt

We come into this world on an endlessly moving stream, a moving sidewalk if you like, carrying us to our final port of call. Apparently alone, a host of others, on their individual conveyor belts, follow along as we continue our relentless journey through the tunnel of life. In passing, scenes flash by on eitherContinue reading “Moving Sidewalk / Conveyor Belt”